Publications of the firm in the first quarter of 2010

Dr. Yiannis Kelemenis has updated the Greece chapter on Greek energy legislation for the 23rd release of the leading looseleaf publication “Energy Law & Regulation” published by Sweet & Maxwell. Mr Kelemenis, who is the author of the Greece chapter since 2003, updates the chapter regularly. The new release is expected to be ready in mid 2010. Mr Kelemenis has also updated the chapter for Greece regarding the regulatory framework on the exploitation, transfer, health and safety, taxation, and competition of oil and oil derivatives for the international edited volume “Getting the Deal Through”. Mr Tom Kyriakopoulos has completed the chapter for Greece for the edited volume to be published by the Cambridge University Press in 2010 on the implementation and harmonization to the Directive 2005/56/EC on cross-border mergers. Ms Athanassia Papantoniou and Ms Ioanna Lazaridou, partners at Kelemenis & Co, have updated their article on the recognition and execution of foreign judgments and orders by the Greek courts. The updated article will be published in the 2nd edition of the Oxford University Press on the recognition of foreign judgments. Their article was first published in 2008 and it has now been complemented by recent case law. Ms Ioanna Lazaridou has also updated the chapter on Greek public procurement, which she has been writing since 2007 for the “Getting the Deal Trough” series. This article refers to the national and European legal framework of public procurement, the legal capacity and procedure of concluding public contracts, as well as to the resolution of disputes arising from public contracts. Ms Mania Tsoumita has completed the drafting of the Greece chapter for the 2nd edition of the edited volume “Media, Advertising and Entertainment law through the World”, which will be published by the international legal network MULTILAW, member of which is Kelemenis & Co. The chapter refers to and analyses the key legislation in the areas of Media, Advertising and Intellectual Property with detailed references to recent Greek case law. The first edition of the book was released in April 2008 in two volumes and contains 32 chapters. Ms Konstantina Soultati has published the chapter on insolvency and restructuring proceedings in Greece for the PLC Cross-Border Restructuring and Insolvency Handbook 2010/2011. In her chapter Ms Soultati has dealt with the types of security envisaged in Greek property and contract law. She also deals with the procedures of bankruptcy, the bankruptcy reconciliation process and the plan of reorganization of enterprises according to the Greek Bankruptcy Code. Ms Margarita Matsi has finished the chapter on Greek labor law for the Multilaw Employer Labor Handbook. In her chapter Ms Matsi presents the key provisions of Greek labor law, including matters such as the employment of foreign nationals in Greek companies, the hiring and firing of employees, their wages, benefits and rights during the course and upon the termination of their employment contracts. Ms Iro Stamataki has published the chapter on arbitration proceedings in Greece for the 2nd volume of the PLC Cross-Border Dispute Resolution Handbook 2010/2011. Ms Stamataki has focused on the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration vis a vis ordinary judicial proceedings, the procedure of appointing the arbitral tribunal, the procedural impediments to the appointment of certain arbitrators, the conditions of challenging arbitration awards and the arbitration costs.