Kelemenis & Co. launches the Kelemenis & Co. Series in Business Law under the auspices of Greek law publisher Nomiki Bibliothiki

Greek law publisher Nomiki Bibliothiki and Kelemenis & Co. are to launch the Kelemenis & Co. Series in Business Law in early October. The series aims to provide handbooks and monographs for businesses, legal practitioners and financial advisors and do so in plain language and with a pragmatic approach. It is an initiative that has evolved beyond the firm’s numerous publications, in Greek and in English, over the past few years, which have communicated some of the firm’s accumulated knowledge and experience of the practice of business law to a wider readership. The driving force behind launching this new business law series, a novelty for the Greek legal setting, is the need for publications in core areas of business law, which are written in a straightforward and practical manner for both lawyers and non-lawyers without compromising the key qualities expected of a legal publication. The volumes of the series will be authored by lawyers working with Kelemenis & Co., the target being that two to three volumes will be published annually in areas that fall within the firm’s core expertise. To this end, three additional titles are already in the pipeline, dealing with tax, employment, and energy regulation respectively. The choice of language (i.e. Greek or English) of each volume will primarily depend on the gap that the particular publication aims to bridge and on the target readership. The approach that the series aims to serve is demonstrated by the first volume of the series. Authored by managing partner Yannis Kelemenis, “Greek Business Law: A Handbook for Businesses and Legal Practitioners” will be published in early October. It adopts a broad definition for business law. Rather than being closely linked to commercial law (to which, of course, it is), business law has been treated as a wider body of law that encompasses all key areas of law that impact the operation of a business. In this context, branches of law such as employment, tax, public procurement, data protection or commercial litigation, which would not normally find their way into typical business/commercial law books, have been integrated into the definition of business law to reflect their strong relevance to the way a business operates. The book has been written in English to reach out to a readership beyond the Greek business and legal community and to facilitate the access of businesses, both domestic and foreign, and of foreign legal practitioners and financial advisors to Greek business law.