The Centre for Renewable Energy Sources awards Kelemenis & Co. a contract for legal services

Following a tendering procedure, the Greek Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) has awarded Kelemenis & Co. a contract for legal services regarding the development and implementation in Greece of energy performance contracts (EPC) through third party financing and the involvement of energy saving companies. The project will focus on the following areas and objectives:

1. The review of the current legal framework and of the financing mechanisms related to the auctioning, implementation and monitoring of energy efficiency services in buildings of both the private and public sector through third party financing.
2. The updating of draft laws and of earlier recommendations on the subject taking into consideration both national and community legislation.
3. The review of tax-related matters which the energy saving companies face in the course of their business.
4. The review of current models of contracting and related procedures in the European Union and beyond.
5. The identification of options for adjusting and fine-tuning the national legal and institutional framework to international best practice.
6. Proposals regarding the integration into national legislation of EPC financing mechanisms for both public and private sector projects.