Kelemenis contributes Greek chapter to the Digest of Commercial Laws of the World published by Oxford University Press publisher

The chapter on the Commercial Laws of Greece authored by the firm�s managing partner, Dr. Yannis Kelemenis, has been released by the Digest of the Commercial Laws of the World edited by Patrick Tinsley and Stephan Kinsella (click here on Release 2012-3). The Digest of the Commercial laws of the World is published by law publisher Oceana of the Oxford University Press. It is written by lawyers who practice in the nearly 60 jurisdictions covered by this title and is a practitioner-oriented compilation of expert commentary and practical guidance. Each country’s chapter is structured around specific points of comparison, covering such topics as incorporation regulations, foreign trade, contract law, agency, bills of exchange, real estate, liens, intellectual property, competition laws, civil litigation, bankruptcy, and arbitration. In addition to the nation-specific chapters, the authors provide text of, and commentary on, major transnational agreements regulating international commerce. The book also examines overarching international frameworks established by the European Union, World Bank, United Nations, and other supranational bodies. To find out more about the book, click here The outline of Dr. Kelemenis� 130-page chapter on the commercial laws of Greece is structured as follows: General System of Law Merchants and Non-Merchants Foreign Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Contracts Assignments Real Estate Security rights Agency and Commercial Representation Commercial Papers Intellectual Property Unfair Competition E-commerce Insurance Business Organisations Mergers & Acquisitions (Public) Spin-offs and Transfer of Business Sectors and Aggregates of Assets and Liabilities Tax Incentives Applicable to Corporate Restructurings Bankruptcy and Creditor�s Rights Open-ended Mutual Funds and Closed-ended Funds Venture Capital Civil Actions and Procedures Recognition of Foreign Judgments Arbitration Enforcement Proceedings