Kelemenis & Co. files DEPA’s criminal lawsuit against Lavrentis Lavrenitadis and his accomplices for fraud against the Greek Public Gas Corporation and bring forward the role of Manolis Petsitis

Further to undertaking the civil end of DEPA’s €110-million claim against ELFE, the largest fertilizers producer of the country, the firm has also undertaken its criminal end. Following the filing of a criminal complaint, the Public Prosecution Office of the Athens Court has charged several individuals led by Lavrentis Lavrentiadis, a Greek controversial businessman involved in the financial scandals of Proton Bank, pharmaceutical company Alapis and chemicals company Neochimiki, for fraud and other related offences. The criminal complaint and the charges that followed it have brought to the surface the involvement of Manolis Petsitis, an individual linked to the SYRIZA government, and have hit the news as an on-going financial and political scandal.