Kelemenis achieves Supreme Court victory against Italian car manufacturer Fiat

The firm has successfully represented a regional exclusive distributor of Fiat and Alfa Romeo cars against the Greek fully owned subsidiary of Italian manufacturer Fiat before the Greek Supreme Court (Court of Cassation). The case related to clientele indemnity and other claims arising from the termination of the exclusive distributorship, which the regional Fiat and Alfa Romeo dealer had raised against Fiat. Following the decision of the Athens Court of Appeal in 2013 (for the full text of the judgment, click here), which awarded the Fiat dealer, also represented by the firm at the time, the full amount of the requested clientele indemnity and some other related claims, Fiat filed a petition with the Supreme Court of Greece (Areios Pagos) asking for the dismissal of the Court of Appeal judgment. Although the petition was rejected (for the full text of the judgment, click here), Fiat denied to pay the award by attempting a suspension of enforcement. The suspension application being eventually denied, Fiat was forced to pay through enforcement proceedings.