Partner Yannis Kelemenis speaks at energy conference in Athens organized by the Greek Society on Energy Law

Partner Yannis Kelemenis was among the speakers at the conference organized by the Greek Society on Energy Law on 12.12.2012. The conference focused on current issues of the Greek energy market and was divided in two sessions, the first of which was chaired by Professor Theodore Fortsakis and the second by Professor Nikolas Farantouris. Speakers included Professors Marinos, Athanasiou and Iliopoulos, the Chairman of the Greek TSO, Dr. Koutzoukos, the Vice-president of the Greek regulator, Dr. Aslanoglou, and the legal counsels of the Greek Public Power Corporation, Mr. Economou and Dr. Synodinos. Dr. Kelemenis� presentation focused on the ways that the energy market can be protected from the systemic risk of the insolvency of the market participants.